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On-line SPE Cartridges

For Integrated Sample Preparation and Analysis


The on-line approach to sample preparation has grown in popularity because of its advantages in improved workflow and reduced sample handling:

  • Little or no sample pre-treatment
  • Totally automated procedures
  • High precision and accuracy
  • Elimination of blow down and reconstitution steps
  • Reduced solvent use and disposal costs


Biotage on-line SPE products consist of high purity, low dead volume stainless steel components for use in SPE-LC-MS/MS applications, and are packed with high performance ISOLUTE® and EVOLUTE® EXPRESS sorbents.

ISOLUTE® ENV+ on-line SPE cartridges are ideal for extraction of polar organics that do not retain well on C18 or generic polymer based sorbents

Use EVOLUTE® EXPRESS ABN on-line SPE cartridges for a broad range of trace organics including pharmaceuticals and personal care products.