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Biotage® Extrahera™ GLP Software

Manage. Secure. Network. Audit. That's Extrahera GLP

GLP Extrahera Women in Science
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With our new GLP software package, users can combine the utility of Extrahera's advanced lab automation with the organizational features used under Good Laboratory Practices. Whether you operate in a GLP workspace, or you simply need to tidy up your lab's workflow, the Extrahera GLP software package has the tools you need to successfully organize your lab.



Highlighted Features 

  • Manage
    • Oversee system control and access with five distinct User Roles.
    • User roles designed to match lab personnel with their training and expertise.
  • Secure
    • Maintain system and data security.
    • Incorporated password protection, timed sessions, and restricted USB port access.
  • Network
    • Network integration allows for backup/restore or export of reports and audit trails to your local area network or LIMS system.
    • Receive email alerts for system pauses or errors and view your runs on your laptop using the remote viewing option.     
  • Audit
    • Automatically monitor all system operations with precision tracking.
    • Generate a clear audit trail documenting all activities, including user credentials and reasons for making any method changes.


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