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Ideal for drugs of abuse and pain management applications, the inclusion of Biotage® HYDRO frit technology means that urine samples can be hydrolyzed in-situ in the column, eliminating the need for post hydrolysis sample transfer steps.

DME+ Fritz-18

 Figure 1. ISOLUTE® HYDRO DME+ urine clean-up workflow with in-situ hydrolysis.


Effective Sample Clean up

Dual Mode Extraction (DME) has been developed by Biotage to provide more effective removal of matrix components from urine (and other biological fluid samples) using a combination of liquid partitioning and scavenging modes. This novel extraction technology quickly and easily removes urinary components such as pigments, salts, urea, creatinine and residual hydrolysis enzyme, leaving the sample visually clear and reducing matrix effects.


Figure 2. Hydrolysed urine before and after ISOLUTE HYDRO DME+ clean up


Figure 3. ISOLUTE® HYDRO DME+ maintains analyte sensitivity (area count) without significant drop off over multiple injections, whereas D&S sensitivity drops by >50% after 400 injections. This is because of effective matrix removal with ISOLUTE HYDRO DME+. In fact, ISOLUTE HYDRO DME+ maintains signal without significant drop off for more than twice as long. 


Improved analyte sensitivity

Because of the enhanced sample clean up delived by ISOLUTE HYDRO DME+ products, analyte sensitivity is significantly increased compared to dilute and shoot (D&S), resulting in reduced LOQs. 

Graph Analyte Improvement

Figure 4. For the majority of analytes, sensitivity is increased by a factor of 2 to 5 or more 


No Compromise on Hydrolysis Efficiency

Because the HYDRO frit technology holds all of the sample above the sorbent bed during the elevated temperature incubation process, hydrolysis efficiency when using ISOLUTE® HYDRO DME+ is equivalent to off-line hydrolysis under the same conditions. Existing hydrolysis procedures can easily be transferred to ISOLUTE® HYDRO DME+.