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"I Was Surprised that Everything Worked So Well". A Researcher on Moving to Automated Sample Prep

09 July 2019

Antonio Checa is Assistant Professor in Prof. Craig Wheelock's lab at Biomedicum, Karolinska Institute. When moving to automated sample preparation of oxylipin samples, he decided to go with Biotage® Extrahera™ automated sample processor. In this video, he explains their buying process and experiences with dealing with Biotage as a supplier of laboratory instruments and consumables. 


"We study which products available can cover our needs, and then think of ways of benchmarking them and how we can incorporate them into our workflows. If possible, we test them in pilot studies and if everything works, we incorporate them", says Antonio Checa on scouting the market for new lab equipment. 

"Science must be reproducible, so everything that we incorporate into our workflows should be directed to achieve reproducibility. In addition, companies must be responsive to our needs, because we have deadlines to meet, so it is very important that everything is delivered to us on time."

"For us, Biotage has great customer service that has allowed us to quickly solve any problems we have faced over the years. Biotage is also continuously innovating their products, such as this new TurboVap system, and they are in contact with us and always take our opinions into account when developing products. That is very important to us because we get a product that is tailored to what we need. I was personally very surprised everything worked so well when moving from the manual extractions."

Watch the full interview below

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