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Audit Committee

The Board of Directors has appointed an Audit Committe, which consists of Peter Ehrenheim, Chairman of the Audit Committee, Torben Jörgensen samt Thomas Eklund. The Audit Committee shall prepare matters for resolution by the Board of Directors concerning procurement of auditing services and fees, follow up of the Auditors work and the Company’s internal control system, follow up of actual risk analysis, follow up of external audits and the Company’s financial information, review of interim reports, follow up of matters relating to financing and prepare and audit the financial policy and other items that the Board of Directors assigns to the Audit Committee to prepare. The Audit Committee reports to the Board of Directors for decision in theses matters. The Audit Committee meet before each interim report is published and otherwise on an as needed basis. The Company’s Auditor is present at the Audit Committee meetings once or twice per year.