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Atlantic® SPE Disks

SPE Disks for Water Extraction


Horizon Technology (a part of Biotage) is the leader in disk SPE technology. Atlantic® SPE Disks are the only Certified for Automation disks available on the market today.

Horizon Technology “Certified for Automation”, Atlantic® SPE Disks are QC-tested in our lab to guarantee that you receive the highest quality results when used in conjunction with the Biotage® Horizon 5000 system. See the SPE Disk Guide for a more detailed description matching disk-types and the compounds for which they may be used.

Atlantic® High Capacity C18 SPE Disk

The Atlantic High Capacity C18 SPE Disk provides added retention per disk for improved recovery of compounds that have weaker interactions with C18 media. Much like the original Atlantic C18 disk, the new Atlantic High Capacity uses end-capped C18 to eliminate unpredictable secondary interactions with unreacted silanols. The disk can be used for drinking water applications such as EPA Method 525.2

Users have experienced higher recoveries for compounds such as dimethoate, 2,6-DNT, and 2,4-DNT. In the specific case of caffeine, a compound used as a drinking water tracer, recoveries more than doubled over standard C18 disks.

Atlantic® One Pass Disk and Carbon Cartridge

This disk contains media with 3 analyte retention mechanisms that significantly simplify the extraction process with the benefit of reduced labor, faster extraction times and elimination of high pH precipitates. This new multi-mode disk chemistry enables the retention of over 100 target semi-volatile compounds with a sample pH of 2. Now acidic, neutral and basic analytes can be retained in a single water extraction step using this 47 mm disk. For extremely hydrophilic compounds, the optional Horizon  Carbon Cartridge is placed after the One Pass disk to scavenge the sample effluent for light-end semi-volatile organics (LSVO). In this configuration all classes of compounds from EPA Method 8270/625 are automatically captured, eluted off the media and ready for drying and concentration.

Atlantic® C18 SPE Disk

This silica based C18 is end-capped to eliminate unpredictable secondary interactions with unreacted silanols. This reversed-phase media can be used for EPA Method 525.2 along with other drinking and wastewater methods.

Atlantic® DVB SPE Disk

The DVB (divinylbenzene) polymer is a pH independent reversed-phase media that is listed for use in the EPA drinking water method for a full suite of analytes, EPA Method 525.3.

Atlantic® HLB SPE Disk

The polymeric HLB (hydrophilic/Lipophilic Balanced) media in this disk comes in low, medium and high capacity formulations. These disks can be used for drinking and wastewater applications. Common applications include semi-volatile organic analysis and EPA Method 1694 (pharmaceuticals and personal care products), endocrine disruptors, and other emerging contaminants in wastewater and drinking water.

Atlantic® Pre-Filters

For use with the Atlantic SPE Disk, the Atlantic Prefilter increases sample flow rate without compromising recoveries. Perfect for dirty samples with lots of particulates, the Atlantic prefilter will accelerate sample throughput, and enables reproducible recoveries. These prefilters are “Certified for Automation” designed specifically for use with the Biotage® Horizon 5000 system.

Atlantic® Fast Flow Sediment Prefilters

These prefilters have proven to be effective in handling highly particulate laden aqueous samples. They are specifically designed and certified for use with the EZ Flow Disk Holder on the Biotage® Horizon 5000 system and are available in a 1 micron and 5 micron size.