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Biotage® Flash 400 System

Isolate up to 8 kg of Product per Run at 6 L/min

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The Biotage® Flash 400 system is a complete skid-mounted system designed for kilogram scale separations. Built to last and engineered to perform, with materials that comply with FDA regulations and cGMP standards, Flash 400 is the first choice of pharmaceutical and contract manufacturing companies around the world for critical purification applications.

Robust & Reliable

Robustness and safety are key factors for any scale up system. Biotage® Flash 400 needs minimal maintenance and its design has proven to be extremely reliable. With operating pressures up to 100 psi, this system supports flow rates up to 6 liters per minute, allowing operators to save days or even weeks of project time, resulting in substantial project cost savings. The Flash 400 system uses pre-packed cartridges and radial compression, and supports two interchangeable barrels for use with either 400 mm x 300 mm (Flash 400M) or 400 mm x 600 mm (Flash 400L) cartridges. One of the compression module sizes is included in the system (the module of the other size can be ordered and is interchangeable as an option). A variety of pre-packed cartridges are available depending on the purification goal and cartridges can be custom packed with the preferred chromatography media for your process. The media in each cartridge is self-contained, improving handling and eliminating exposure to contamination and impurities or potentially high toxicity APIs.

Patented Radial Compression Technology

Our proprietary packing technique ensures that each cartridge is shipped with a tightly packed bed. The application of our proven, patented radial compression technology further maintains the bed’s stability during use for higher purities and yield. Extra force from radial compression ensures near zero “wall effects” and channelling inside each column.

Built and Documented for cGMP Production

All systems come complete with an ASME “UM” stamp, CE certification, and are certified for usage in Japan, Europe and North America. A full engineering documentation package, certificate of performance and certificate of compliance for validation filing accompany each system. Professional Biotage service personnel train users on proper operation, and are available for project based or yearly training sessions.

Safety is Paramount 

Safety is a key design criteria on all Biotage flash systems. Designed for use around large quantities of solvents Flash 400 systems can operate in an explosion proof, no sparking rated area. Air driven pump and hoists, proper grounding and pressure relief devices are some of the vital components included with every system. All systems comply with NEC Class 1, Division 1 and 2, Group C and D standards.

Pneumatic Control Panel

The pneumatic control panel located on the top of the Flash 400 system frame makes operation easy. The panel is divided into three sections that allow users to fully control the entire process.

Cartridges for Any Application

From routine normal phase flash chromatography to more difficult separations with reversed phase silica, activated carbon, low metal/acid washed silica, Mitsubishi Diaion™ HP20SS resins, ion exchange or other custom packed, client supplied media, Flash 400 systems are capable of addressing almost every purification need.

Scalable Results

Technologies such as crystallization and adsorption can be difficult and time consuming to scale up. Using the extensive cartridge range from Biotage, reliable results are verifiable and easy to achieve with any separation. A Biotage® SNAP 10 g column (to purify 100 mg quantities) can be used as a basis to purify multi gram and ultimately kg quantities of product using a 40 kg Flash 400 cartridge. Stepping up the cartridge range, purifications can be scaled up 4000 times. We recommend increments of 10-fold to provide maximum control and opportunity to optimize further any scale up parameters.

Committed to preserving our shared environment – further details available on request.

Manufacture of consumables is accredited by the world renowned British Standards Institute.

Flexible supply chains, back up manufacturing and warehousing ensures supply risk reduction

Can be used in processes in compliance with GLP standards.

Products which are scaleable from lab or development to process scale.

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