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Biotage® Flash 75/150

Fast Scale-up: Gram To Multi-Gram Quantities Of Target Organic Compounds

Scale-up purification separation Flash 75 large columns SF-022-19071

Purify up to 400 grams of compound at 1L/min up to 75% faster than with traditional glass columns. Biotage® Flash 75/150 is a simple and reliable system that contains everything you need for separation scale up.

These rugged systems safely operate at 100 psi enabling fast flow rates and the use of high viscosity solvents. Biotage’s proven, patented radial compression technology ensures near zero “wall effects” and channeling inside each column. This maintains the bed’s stability, rendering cleaner, purer fractions in less time and higher overall product yield.

Routinely operating at a flow rate of 250 mL/min (Flash 75) and 1L/min (Flash 150), these systems allow you to quickly scale-up and complete runs, saving hours or even days of purification time.

Complete Kit

The Biotage® Flash 75/150 system include an easy-to-install radial compression module, a fully integrated air manifold, solvent reservoir, sample injection module (SIM), a start-up kit with all necessary tubing, grounding kit, and a user’s manual. Prepacked cartridges are ordered separately. Flash 150 compression modules are mounted onto robust portable bases (included in the system package), which are fitted with casters for easy mobility.

Patented radial compression

Biotage’s proprietary packing technique ensures that each Flash cartridge is shipped with a tightly packed bed. The application of our proven, patented radial compression
technology maintains the bed’s stability during use for cleaner, purer fractions in less time and higher overall product yield. Extra force from radial compression ensures near zero
“wall effects” and channeling inside each column. 

Highest flow rate 

Routinely operating at a flow rate of 250 mL/min, these Flash systems and cartridges allow you to quickly scale-up and complete runs, saving hours – even days – of purification time. In this comparison between a Flash 75L (75 mm x 300 mm) cartridge and a 11 x 20 cm glass column, fractions were collected in 2.5 hours using the glass column, while the Flash 75L cartridge required just 40 minutes. In addition to the 73% reduction in purification time, there were fewer mixed fractions, resulting in greater product purity. Safer than glass columns All Biotage Flash 75 and 150 cartridges are constructed of medium-density polyethylene to resist cracking and splitting and meet the FDA extractables requirement specified in 21 CFR 177.1520. There is no breakable glass, and all of the silica is completely self-contained, eliminating any exposure to silica dust or contaminants.


Sample injection modules, Solvent reservoirs, Compression module barrels


  • Radial compression technology improves separation performance
  • Compression modules radially compress cartridges to maximize sample contact with silica and separation performance (higher sample load greater purity and recovery) 
  • Compression modules seal up to 100 psi, ensuring leak-free operation even with high flow rates and reversed-phase solvents 
  • Engineered for fast flows 
  • Fully grounded for safety

Available with a variety of media

  • Biotage KP-Sil — 40–63 µm, 60 Å, silica
  • Biotage KP-C18-HS — 35–70 µm, 90 Å, C18-bonded silica
  • Mitsubishi Diaion™ HP20 and HP20SS SDVB resins
  • Biotage KP-NH — 40–75 µm, 100 Å, amine functionalized