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Biotage® Horizon SPE-Z

Disk Extraction Manifold


The Biotage® Horizon SPE-Z was withdrawn on December 31st 2019

This product was replaced with the Biotage® VacMaster™ Disk

The manifold will allow you to use high-quality Pacific® Oil & Grease Disks and Atlantic® SPE Disks in an easy to use three-position unit.

The system offers the flexibility to choose optimal size disks (47 or 100 mm) and pre-filters to process a wide range of water sample including those with heavy particulate loading. The system also offers the possibility of connecting several units together to increase operator efficiency.

The system includes:

  • Three position metal base with three extraction ports with waste tubing coming through the center port in the back
  • Glass cylinder Elution Chambers for production of vacuum (Qty 3)
  • Elution Chamber Lids with Luer connectors (Qty 3)
  • Funnels for pouring larger liquid quantities (Qty 3)

Coupled with disk holders and choice of SPE disks and pre-filters, based on the application, the full system allows disk conditioning, sample loading and elution with solvents in a fast, easy, and efficient process.
The system will also accommodate 40-mL VOA vials with an optional manifold adapter platform.