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Biotage® Sfär C18 Duo 100 Å 30 μm

Reverse Phase made more efficient

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Reversed phase flash chromatography is a very effective purification technique for polar, ionizable and highly lipophilic compounds which cannot easily be separated by normal phase techniques.

The new Biotage® Sfär C18 D is the column of choice when you want to increase efficiency and speed in your reverse phase separations.


With the new Biotage® Sfär C18 D columns, it is now possible to routinely load three times more sample onto the flash column compared to other C18 columns of the same size, and still obtain higher resolution during purification. This means that a smaller column will do the job. Using a smaller column with a higher loading capacity can:

  • cut the cost of purification compared to standard columns
  • reduce the usage of solvent, impacting the cost even further
  • shorten the time for purification

Cost and time are reduced while performance is increased, thanks to spherical 30 µm well-packed silica particles and the new design of the Sfär columns that makes them even more resistant to high pressure (as high as 17 bar) often generated by high performance C18 media. That brings flash purification one step closer to prep-HPLC.

Also when running reverse phase, thanks to the Duo capability, you have the flexibility to choose how to load your samples, and choose from one of six different ways.

For laboratories running both normal and reverse phase, the new two-channel Biotage® Selekt can help improve efficiency even further.