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Biotage® Sfär Silica HC

The best possible separation with the smallest amount of silica and solvent

Sfär1 FSUS-0443-0005

Biotage® Sfär Silica HC is the obvious choice when you need to run the best possible separation with the smallest amount of silica and solvent or when you need to increase dramatically your loading capacity.

Biotage® Sfär Silica HC - High Capacity 20 μm provides maximum resolving power and enables sample loads double (or more) that of other columns. Suitable for more complex separations, or when you have high requirements in terms of high resolution, high purity or quantity of the final compound.

Learn more about how Biotage® Sfär Silica HC can help you increase your productivity and quality of your sample:

Biotage® is a pioneer in Flash Purification, in 1994 we were the first manufacturer of pre-packed column for flash purification. Our history and knowledge goes back much further, starting in 1969, and ranging from analytical to organic chemistry, with reliability and high quality as standard over the years.

Sfär means “Sphere” in the Swedish mother tongue of Biotage, and it has been chosen as the name for our latest columns as they contain spherical silica. Spherical silica has many advantages, the most important being its higher surface area compared to irregular silica, which translates into higher loading capacities, tighter elution bands and purer fractions.

HC stands for High Capacity and it refers both to loading capacity and performance - this derives not only from spherical silica, but also from the smaller particles size (20µ). Combined, the high surface, small particle silica improves purification performance, whilst reducing the amount of silica and solvent required for purification. This means you can choose to run your separation with a smaller column, using less silica and less solvent, or you can increase your loading capacity and obtain a higher amount of your compound at the end.

If you are familiar with Biotage® SNAP Ultra columns, you might have thought that that level of performance was difficult to beat, but we did it with Sfär.

Check here about the comparison in terms of loading capacity between SNAP and Sfär and here for separation of Sfär versus SNAP, KP-Sil and competitive columns.

Learn more here about how particle shape and particle size can impact your chromatography load limits.