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Biotage® SNAP KP-Sil

Flash Chromatography Cartridges


The following sizes of these columns have been phased out on October 1st, 2019:

10g, 25g, 50g, 100g,340g

The following formats remain available: 750g, 1500g .

Please check out here the corresponding column in the Biotage® Sfär family: Biotage® Sfär Silica Duo



Biotage® SNAP KP-Sil is the ideal all-round cartridge for standard flash chromatography, packed with 50 μm silica particles with a surface area of 500 m2/g. Our propietary cartridge packing techniques delivers larger loading capacities, tighter elution bands and purer fractions.

Biotage SNAP cartridges are  are made from medical grade materials and batch tested to ensure they meet stringent performance standards including efficiency (plate count) and peak symmetry. 

The Luer-lock connections operate safely at 100 psi without compression modules and can be used on any flash system.