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Biotage® SNAP XL KP-C18-HS

Cartridges for Reversed Phase Chromatography

SNAP XL flash purification cartridges

The SNAP KP-C18-HS columns have been phased out on October 1st, 2019 in the following sizes: 12g, 30g, 60g, 120g, 400g.

Please check out here the corresponding column in the Biotage® Sfär family: Biotage® Sfär C18 Duo 100 Å 30 μm

The following formats remain available: 950g, 1850g.

The large-scale SNAP cartridges are targeted to the development-scale chemists synthesizing and/or purifying from 10g to 100+ grams of product across a wide range of chemistries or conditions, and providing seamless scale-up simply and efficiently without method modification. The SNAP XL cartridges will cater for almost all eventualities in large scale purification of small organic molecules. 

SNAP 950 g and 1850 g cartridges are inert, rugged, high-throughput flash cartridges designed to purify large synthetic sample mixtures from tens to hundreds of grams across a range of different chemistries. 

SNAP XL enables chemists to use columns designed for large scale applications instead of using two or three smaller cartridges, with a significant time and cost benefit vs running the same separation with two or more smaller columns.

SNAP XL are rugged and laser welded for safe operation at pressures up to 100 psi (7 bar), enabling high flow rates and use of higher viscosity solvents, and connectivity is done via standard luer lock connections. Operating at flow rates up to 500 mL/min, these cartridges allow to quickly purify large sample masses, saving hours or even days of purification runtime. 

A refillable external dry load vessel with 500g capacity is also available to be attached in series with the SNAP 50g or SNAP 1850g cartridge.



Reversed-phase flash chromatography is a very effective purification technique. Its main application areas include polar, ionizable and highly lipophilic compounds which cannot easily be separated by normal-phase techniques. 

Unlike normal-phase chromatography, reversed-phase uses a hydrophobic stationary phase (e.g. C18 or ODS) and hydrophilic mobile phases (methanol/water, acetonitrile/ water). By converting silica’s active, polar silanols sites to neutral, lipophilic sites, compounds that will either aggressively stick to silica or not stick at all can be retained, separated and eluted using waterbased solvent systems.