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Biotage® VacMaster™ 96

Sample Processing Manifold

121-9600 biotage vacmaster pipetting 121-9600 121-9600 VacMaster 96 gaskets and spacers

Biotage® VacMaster™-96 sample processing manifold has been designed with the needs of the bioanalytical scientist in mind. This manifold is ideal when processing 96-well SPE, supported liquid extraction or protein precipitation plates either manually or with an automated liquid handling system.

Fully compatible with both fixed well and modular array plate designs from Biotage, Biotage® VacMaster™-96 can also accommodate other brands of 96-well extraction plate using a range of spacers. A wide variety of collection plates can also be used, and cross contamination between wells is minimized by correct use of inserts and spacers in both base and lid, which aid plate positioning. 

Automation Friendly

Biotage® VacMaster™-96 is optimized for use with automated liquid handling systems, with features designed to minimize manual intervention. Its lightweight construction allows the lid to easily be manipulated, and the optional standalone vacuum control units mean space requirement on automation decks is minimized. The sloping polypropylene base drains waste quickly out of the manifold base, eliminating the need for a removable waste tray.

Vacuum Control Options

Free standing vacuum control units are available in two formats. Both polypropylene units are equipped with vacuum gauge and fine vacuum controller.

The unique vacuum control and generator unit replaces the need for a vacuum pump.  Sufficient vacuum for processing SPE, supported liquid extraction, filtration and protein precipitation plates is generated from a standard laboratory air supply.


  • Increase productivity by processing 96 samples simultaneously
  • Process a range of extraction and collection plates using this versatile, adaptable manifold
  • Reduce steps in automation sequences with the VacMaster-96\'s unique design features
  • Save space at the bench or on instrument decks with the compact, lightweight manifold.