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Biotage ZIP® Sphere

High Performance, Low Pressure Flash Cartridge

Flash chromatography cartridges ZIP Sphere family
ZIP sphere 5g Flash Purification cartridge ZIP sphere 10g Flash Purification cartridges ZIP sphere 30g Flash Purification cartridge ZIP sphere 45g Flash Purification cartridge ZIP sphere 120g Flash Purification Cartridge

This product was withdrawn on April 1st 2019.

Biotage ZIP® Sphere cartridges contain Biotage® KP-Sphere™, a proprietary spherical silica which is manufactured under a new process that delivers 40% more surface area (700 m2/g), no fines, and remarkably low back pressure. Typical flash cartridges use silica with a surface area of 500 m2/g and irregular particle sizes. The smallest particles or fines cause higher back pressure, lower flow rates and lower capacity.


  • High sample load compared to irregular silica particles
  • Time to purify is reduced
  • Less solvent required
  • Reduced purification costs 

Available in sizes from 5 g to 120 g