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EVOLUTE® EXPRESS ABN is a high purity, polymeric sorbent suitable for extraction of a broad range of acidic, basic and neutral analytes. EVOLUTE® EXPRESS ABN is now available in on-line cartridge format. Download the product note.


Typical Applications:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Personal care products
  • General organics
  • Acids, bases and neutrals


An optimized combination of non-polar (hydrophobic) and polar (hydrophilic) interactions result in a versatile sorbent for extraction of a broad range of compounds encountered in routine environmental analysis.  Because EVOLUTE EXPRESS ABN is totally water wettable, it will never become de-conditioned, even if it runs dry.  It does not need to be stored in solvent after use, and is a great alternative to C18 and PLRP type materials.

Structure of EVOLUTE® EXPRESS ABN sorbent

Biotage EVOLUTE EXPRESS ABN on-line cartridges combine these unique sorbent characteristics with the convenience of fully automated SPE.

Sorbents and columns are fully QC tested to ensure excellent performance and reproducibility.

Biotage on-line SPE columns can be used with most commercially available on-line SPE systems.

See technical note PPS424 for more information.






Part No. Description Product type Pack Size Price
OSPE-620-32150 OSPE-620-32150 EVOLUTE® EXPRESS ABN On-line SPE Cartridge 30 x 2.1 mm Consumables 1 Log in for price