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Isolera™ Dalton 2000

Bringing Mass Detection to Flash Chromatography

Isolera Dalton 2000
Isolera Dalton 2000 Isolera Dalton 2000 DALT-2000-APCI-230V ASAP kit

"Simultaneous detection of both positive and negative ions is fantastic.  Rarely do samples contain just positively or negatively charged species."


The Isolera™ Dalton 2000 system consists of Biotage® Dalton 2000 Mass Detector, Isolera™ Dalton Nanolink and Isolera™ Spektra and embraces ACI™ for efficient and automated purification. Isolera Dalton 2000 directs flash fractionation by molecular mass, and in real time.

Expanded functionality

Biotage® Dalton 2000 is a compact single quadrupole mass detector with simultaneous positive and negative polarity switching. Biotage® Dalton 2000 uses an atmospheric pressure chemical ionization source to ionize substances, which can then be identified by their mass-to-charge ratios (m/z). Biotage® Dalton 2000 allows you to analyze samples and automatically use the m/z ratio(s) of the identified substance(s) for flash purification.

A novel function, 'Collect on TIC', monitors the entire specified range of m/z values. This is beneficial for samples that easily form fragments and/or adducts, where peaks are therefore found on several m/z values, or if the sample contains many different components.

Tailored Technology

Isolera™ Dalton 2000 automates and takes the hard work out of the compound identification and purification, perfect for chemists whose priorities lie more towards the chemistry than small details of running the analysis. Minimal user intervention required makes it available to chemists unfamiliar with mass detection or those whose priorities lie in compound synthesis rather than analysis.

Intelligent Integration

Seamless interaction between a flash system and a mass detector requires advanced technology and fine tuning. This is all taken care of by the Isolera™ Dalton Nanolink interface, an intelligent sampling device that at any given moment provides Biotage® Dalton 2000 Mass Detector with the exact amount of sample required, and dynamically adjusts to the solvent effluent flow rate employed in the Flash system.

Isolera™ Spektra software with its graphic user interface provides a straightforward controlling environment, giving easy access to the process.


  • Compound identification by mass during purification and by direct injection analysis
  • Fully automated integration of Flash purification and mass detection via the Isolera™ Dalton Nanolink
  • Automatically accommodates different flash flow rates
  • Simple wizard-based approach to method development