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SPE Columns and Plates

Biotage sample preparation column size table 520-0010-a 520-0010-a 520-0020-b-500 520-0020-B-500 520-0020-b 520-0020-b

ISOLUTE® CBA is a weak cation exchange sorbent, used to extract strongly basic (e.g. quaternary amines) and polybasic analytes from aqueous samples.

ISOLUTE® CBA is a carboxylic acid bonded sorbent used for the extraction of strongly basic or polybasic compounds from aqueous samples using a weak cation exchange retention mechanism. Analytes are eluted from ISOLUTE CBA by eliminating the charge on the sorbent low pH, so it is also useful for extraction of basic compounds that are unstable at high pH.  The sorbent is supplied in the protonated form.  

ISOLUTE CBA is available in a wide range of SPE columns and 96-well plate formats.

ISOLUTE CBA is also available as loose sorbent (100g pack).