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Typical Applications:

  • Polar organics
  • Acid herbicides
  • Explosives
  • Phenols

ISOLUTE® ENV+ is a high purity, hyper cross-linked polystyrene based polymeric sorbent with a hydroxylated surface, capable of extracting a wide range of polar, water soluble analytes from aqueous samples.  Its high surface area and optimized pore structure make it ideal for extraction of very polar analytes, such as phenols and acid herbicides.

Structure of ISOLUTE® ENV+

Structure of ISOLUTE® ENV+ sorbent


ISOLUTE® ENV+ has a very high capacity for polar compounds (up to 50% by weight for caffeine) reducing analyte breakthrough and improving recovery for even the most polar of compounds. It is totally water wettable, so it will never become de-conditioned, even if it runs dry.  Columns do not need to be stored in solvent after use.

Biotage ISOLUTE® ENV+ On-line Cartridges combine these unique sorbent characteristics with the convenience of fully automated SPE.

Sorbents and columns are fully QC tested to ensure excellent performance and reproducibility.

Biotage on-line SPE columns can be used with most commercially available on-line SPE systems.

See technical note PS424 for more information.



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OSPE-916-32150 OSPE-916-32150 ISOLUTE® ENV+ On-line SPE Cartridge 30 x 2.1mm Consumables 1 Log in for price