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123-2016 800-0100-cm 800-0100-cm 800-0220-dm 800-0220-dm

When analyzing lipophilic compounds in complex aqueous matrices such as biological fluids, clean-up is usually required before analysis.

Traditionally, liquid-liquid extraction in a separating funnel has been used to provide this sample clean-up. ISOLUTE® HM-N disposable liquid-liquid extraction columns contain a modified form of diatomaceous earth packed into a range of high purity polypropylene columns. 

The columns can be used as simple alternative to liquid-liquid extraction in a separating funnel, or as an effective way of removing water from a sample. The high purity columns and frits ensure compatibility with high sensitivity LC and GC analyses. Automation of the sample processing using ISOLUTE® HM-N columns is much easier compared with conventional liquid-liquid extraction