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SPE Columns and Plates

Biotage sample preparation column size table 240-0050-h 240-0050-h 240-0010-g 240-0010-g 240-0050-b 240-0050-b

ISOLUTE® MFC18 is a retentive, non-polar sorbent for extraction of a range of analytes from aqueous samples using a non-polar retention mechanism.

Structure of ISOLUTE MFC18

ISOLUTE® MFC18 is used for extraction from aqueous matrices using non-polar interactions (for acidic, neutral and basic analytes) and readily accessable secondary silanol interactions (for basic compounds only). Not the ideal choice when working at extremes of pH, due to its relatively low carbon load (ISOLUTE C18 is the preferred for these methods).

ISOLUTE MFC18 is available in a wide range of SPE columns and 96-well plate formats.