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SPE Columns for Oil and Grease extraction

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Extract Oil and Grease from wastewater samples and fractionate into HEM and SGT-HEM fractions in one step.

ISOLUTE® O&G SPE columns have been developed for the extraction of Oil and Grease from water and wastewater, for applications where EPA Method 1664 would otherwise be used. These columns have the big advantage of being able to separate the HEM (hexane extractable material) from the SGT-HEM (silica gel treated-hexane extractable material).

EPA method 1664 is performance based, and allows the use of SPE. The ISOLUTE O&G column is specially designed to handle samples with a high fatty acid content (represented in 1664 by stearic acid).

ISOLUTE O&G columns are available in a 6 and 70 mL column format. The 70 mL size is ideal for samples that are high in fatty acids. Both the 6 and 70 mL sizes include depth filters, for samples with high concentrations of particulates.