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Large Scale Flash Accessories

Making Life Easier and Processes Better

Scale-up purification separation Flash 75 large columns
SIM module flash system with cart

Biotage provides a wide range of accessories for flash chromatography that make lab work even more efficient. From cartridge compression modules, to sample loading and replacement barrels these are the smart choice for making your efforts go further.

Committed to preserving our shared environment – further details available on request.

Manufacture of consumables is accredited by the world renowned British Standards Institute.

Flexible supply chains, back up manufacturing and warehousing ensures supply risk reduction

Can be used in processes in compliance with GLP standards.

Products which are scaleable from lab or development to process scale.

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Compression Modules and Barrels

All large scale purification systems from Biotage are available in two sizes. The ‘M’ or medium configuration and the ‘L’ configuration are interchangeable within a system, effectively providing 2 systems in one capability. Apart from the size of the cartridge, there are no differences between the M and L configuration, so the M / L system can be used as part of a scale up protocol, or simply provide additional purification capability, without the need to use a larger system.

A barrel is simply the outer casing of the compression module, with the compression module includes the upper and lower head assembly.

In the case of the Flash 400, the design is slightly different to the Flash 75 and 150 systems, the heads and barrels are tuned at the point of manufacture, it is often more efficient to specify the M + L configuration at the point of the initial system purchase, if the system will ultimately be used for both scales of purification. Nevertheless, the systems are similarly interchangeable, and it is possible to later upgrade a Flash 400M system to a Flash 400L system. The following table shows the dimensions of the flash cartridges specified for the Flash 75, 150 and 400 systems.

The alternate compression module may be retrofitted to a pre-existing system as an accessory, or specified at the point of initial system purchase.

SIM (Sample Injection Modules) and DLV (Dry Loading Vessels)

Dry Loading

One of the most common flash purification development challenges is dealing with hard-to-dissolve crude samples. Excess polar solvents can cause poor chromatographic results, so other sample loading options are preferred. A popular solution is dry loading, which involves dissolving the sample in a suitable polar solvent, mixing the solution with an inert, clean, dry adsorbent such as silica or diatomaceous earth, and drying the slurry. By drying the mixture, the polar solvent is removed and will have no impact on the purification. The dried sample is then loaded into an empty vessel and inserted in-front of the purification cartridge.

Moving to larger scale

Dry load vessel capability is available for all lab or development scale cartridges [Biotage® Dry Load Vessels (DLV) are available in four lab scale size ranges - 5 g, 30 g, 70 g and 500 g and the kits contain a fully adjustable plunger and a vessel holder designed for mounting on all Isolera systems]. 

Flash 75 and 150 systems use a Biotage® SIM (Sample Introduction Module) for sample dry loading. SIMs are stainless steel vessels which are placed between the solvent reservoir and the cartridge. 

The SIM can be filled with pre-absorbed compound or viscous liquid samples. The absorbed compounds are then eluted with solvent and separated in the flash cartridge. Viscous liquid samples are moved into the Flash cartridge using compressed air. Several sizes are available to meet differing load requirements including SIM 100, SIM 200, SIM 500, SIM-1000 and SIM-2000.

This enables initial purification conditions and separation criteria to be established. This informs the subsequent rationale for development of final liquid load conditions for final scale up using the Biotage Flash 400 purification system.

Solvent Reservoirs

Biotage Flash 75 and 150 systems come with solvent reservoirs as standard, however in case of upscaling or needing to create gradient polarity steps within a method, additional solvent reservoirs are available for use. One of more solvent reservoirs may be connected together solvent supply simply switched over at the necessary point in the elution, in order to achieve the desired purification results.