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Service Agreements - North and Latin America

Protect Your Investment with a Service Contract


With a Biotage Service Agreement you can lock in annual service costs to avoid unexpected expenses and eliminate the effort to generate a separate order for a service visit. Biotage systems covered with Priority Service Agreements are repaired on average twice as fast as units scheduled for on-demand service.

Biotage service agreements are available in three standard tiers with the ability to customize for multiple units.

  • Value – Service agreement cost can be significantly less than the cost of a single repair. 
  • Control – Your annual maintenance costs will be fixed with no surprises. 
  • Faster response – Eliminate the time to generate and approve a purchase request. 
  • No hassle – With a service agreement, simply contact 1-Point Support for fast resolution.

Service Offerings





Description Comprehensive coverage with top priority on-site service, nothing else to buy. Full coverage of all labor and travel costs, purchase parts as needed. Repairs are completed at Biotage facilities with loaner equipment available.
Terms 1 year 1 year 1 year
Labor 100% Coverage 100% Coverage 100% Coverage
Travel 100% Coverage 100% Coverage N/A
Parts 100% Coverage Provided as needed 100% Coverage
Preventative Maintenance Yes Yes No
Loaner Equipment N/A N/A Provided as needed 
Shipping N/A N/A Customer is responsible for delivery to Biotage facility. Biotage is responsible for the return to Customer. Biotage supplies packing materials.
Response Time* 3 days 5 days 10 days + shipping 

Genuine Biotage® Replacement Parts

Maintenance of your Biotage system with authorized parts is critical for long-lasting performance and reliability. Precise engineering and high standards of quality control ensure the quality of the components.

Biotage System and Software Upgrades

We continue to improve Biotage systems through updates to software and hardware. Biotage offers upgrade kits for Isolera™, Initiator and Initiator+ microwave synthesizers, V-10 solvent evaporator, RapidTrace®, RapidTrace+ SPE workstations and more.

Application Support

Need help with a difficult application? Call 1-Point Support for assistance with reactions, conversion of traditional organic or peptide methods to microwave, scale-up protocols, and more. Our work-up, purification and sample preparation experts can help you maximize productivity and cost savings for better results.

Training and Workshops

Biotage provides professional on-site and destination courses and seminars to improve your synthesis, work-up, purification, evaporation, sample preparation and scale-up projects using Biotage systems and products.

RapidTrace® Compliance Validation (North America only)

Biotage provides factory authorized validation and verification services for RapidTrace and RapidTrace+ SPE workstations. An authorized Biotage field service engineer will verify accurate operation of your modules helping you meet regulatory requirements and ensure accurate, reliable results for your analysis.

Compliance Validation

  • Fully documented performance validation of all solvent and cleaning solution, delivery volumes, flow rates and flow paths
  • Mixer operation validation testing
  • Complete test of each module’s software-hardware interface
  • Verification and alignment of turret and sampleblock sensors
  • Validation certificate provided for each module

Verification Service

  • Operational-only check of fluids (no volumetric validation)
  • Firmware and software verification and update
  • Alignment and operation verification
  • Tune-up of turret and sample block sensors
  • Verification certificate provided for each module