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Syro Heating Blocks

Parallel Peptide Synthesis at Elevated Temperatures

S015HT021 S015HT101 S015HT051 S015HT101 Z000VW000

The new Syro heating blocks and heating plates accessories for the Syro range of fully automated peptide synthesizers, enables the heating of multiple peptides in parallel.


The new Syro heating blocks and heating plates accessories, allow the possibility to apply heat during peptide synthesis, to up to 48 reactor vials simultaneously and thereby increase the reaction rate enabling shorter cycle times and improved product purity.

This heating capability combined with the strengths of the Syro fully automated parallel peptide synthesizers makes them the perfect choice for demanding peptide synthesis applications.

The Syro heating blocks and heating plates accessories are available with a new  Biotage® Syro Wave™ system and new Syro I and Syro II parallel peptide synthesizers. The heating blocks can be fitted to existing Syro Wave and Syro I systems running Syro XP software and can be upgraded in the field.

The heating blocks are available for:

  • 24 position format only
  • Heating plates for 2 mL, 5 mL and 10 mL reactor vials (24 position only)