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VacMaster™ Accessories

Sample Processing Manifolds


Biotage® VacMaster™ Drying Adapter

Connect to laboratory air or nitrogen supply to dry 10 or 20 SPE columns simultaneously.


Prior to elution of extracted aqueous sample with water immiscible solvents, it is often necessary to dry the SPE column sorbent bed. The VacMaster drying adaptor directs a stream of gas efficiently onto the column, significantly improving drying times compared to vacuum aspirated air flow. In addition, the coarse and fine gas flow control allow the drying adaptor to be used for elution solvent evaporation after extraction.

Biotage® VacMaster™ LVE Kits

For unattended loading of large volume samples. Inert PTFE tubing prevents sample contamination.


Extraction of Large Volume Samples

Biotage® VacMaster™ LVE kits are designed for simple, unattended loading of large volume sample onto SPE columns. PTFE tubing is placed into the sample container, and held in place with a tubing clip. The other end of the tubing is fitted to the SPE column with a suitable adaptor. When Vacuum is applied, the sample is drawn up through the inert tubing path, and through the SPE column.

Biotage® VacMaster™ Trap Kit

Connect between VacMaster (-10, -20, or -96) and vacuum source to collect waste. 1 L volume.

Biotage® VacMaster™ trap kit should be installed between the VacMaster manifold outlet and the inlet of the vacuum source in order to trap all the liquids aspirated through the SPE columns. The trap kit consists of a polypropylene flask and polypropylene stopper with compatible tubing.

Gravity Rack

Process up to 20 samples simultaneously under gravity. The Gravity Rack is a free-standing rack for processing sample preparation columns using gravity. The rack is ideal for processing ISOLUTE® HM-N columns in supported liquid extraction applications.